7 Best Yoga Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat

7 Best Yoga Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat

From ancient time yoga is practitioning to get flat belly. Yoga is a set of asanas to reduce belly fat as it helps to burn fat easily.

There are many reasons that are responsible for belly fat:

  • Sitting whole day.
  • Junk food
  • Processed food (such as bread or other)
  • Diary products
  • Consumption of late night meal (But in heavy quantity)
  • Late night sleep (actually not taking enough)

There is no shortcut to reduce belly fat. Exercises or workout with healthy meal (for long run) is an only solution. In this article we will discuss yoga asanas to reduce abdominal fat.

1. Tadasana

Tadasana is also known as mountain pose. It improve circulation of blood. Thus warm up the body for other asanas in line.

How to do

  • Stand straight with flat heels which are slightly spreading out
  • Make toes of your feet in contact with each other, stretch hands in front of body and make palms closer to each other.
  • Raise your hand above your head and stretch your hand as you can.
  • Lift and stretch your ankles, stand on your toes. Keep your eyes above, staring the ceiling.
  • Stand on your flat feet if you can’t stand on toes.
  • Inhale and exhale. Hold the pose for 15-20 seconds.
  • Repeat this 10 times and increase time slowly.

2. Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar is performed by twelve yoga positions facing the sun. Each position has different impact on the body. Some bend positions in forward or backward direction stretch the body. Inhale and exhale process during namaskar detoxify the body.

3. Paschimottanasana

This asana also known as seated forward bend, stimulates the center of body’s solar plexus. Along with acting as a tummy toning pose, the forward bend also offers an admirable level of stretch to the hamstrings, thighs, as well as hips. It is also ideal for those who are prone to digestive disorders.

How to do

  • Sit on the floor in padmasana position.
  • Erect your spine, stretch your legs out to the front and feet pointing to ceiling.
  • Inhale, stretch your hands above your head
  • Slowly move your hands forward, try to touch your toes and pull them backward till you feel stretch on hamstring.
  • Inhale, hold tummy in and hold the pose for 60-90 seconds, increase the time gradually.
  • Repeat this 10 times in beginning and slowly do it 25 times or more.

4. Bhujangasana

This yoga asana gives a good stretch to abdomen. This asana helps in strengthening the back muscles. This is advisable for people with post-partum back pain.

How to do

  • Lie down on floor with chest touching the ground, make your legs apart with toes touching the floor.
  • Keep the hands on both sides of body and palms touching the ground.
  • Keep your hands beneath your shoulders, inhale slowly.
  • Lift your chest, head off the floor and stare to the ceiling.
  • Tuck in your pubis towards your navel, while keeping your buttocks firm.
  • Hold the pose for 25-30 seconds and breathe normally.
  • Exhale and bring your position back to normal.
  • Resume after 10 seconds
  • Perform this asana 10 times in start and 25 times later.

5. Pavanamuktasana

This wind relieving pose helps in alleviating various gastric problems such as digestion,constipation etc. In this pose as your knees puts pressure on your tummy, holding this pose for 10 minutes helps in burning belly fat.

How to do

  • Lie down with face upwards, and stretch your arms on either sides and ankles touching each other.
  • Bend your knees
  • Inhale and as you exhale bring the bend knees towards your chest and wrap your arms around it.
  • Take a deep breathe again and exhale as your knees touching the chin.
  • Hold the position for 60-90 seconds.
  • Exhale and come back to normal position (Shavasana Pose)
  • Repeat this 10-15 times with 15 second interval.

6. Balasana

This child pose relax your body after a rigorous session usually performed before shavasana.

How to do

  • Sit on the floor with heals apart and buttocks touching the floor. Put your hands on knees and keep your spine straight.
  • Take a deep breathe, stretch your arms upward. Breathe out, bend forward with palms and forehead touching the floor.
  • Hold this position for 15-20 seconds with belly tuck in.
  • Inhale and come up slowly. Exhale and come to the prior position.

7. Shavasana

This pose is usually performed at the end of meditations. This relax your mind and calm your body.

How to do

  • Lie flat on the floor
  • Place your hands aside to your body and palms facing upward.
  • Close your eyes and rest for 5-10 minutes in same position.

Inhale and exhale efficiently during activity.