3 Best Yoga Asanas For Mental Health

3 Best Yoga Asanas For Mental Health

Yoga is a simple meditation that is widely used for health. In this article we will discuss easy and best yoga for mental health.

Yoga has positive impact on physical strength, flexibility, and balance also. While improving the physical ability it has benefited mental health also ranging from concentration power to stress, anxiety or depression also.

Some best and easy Yoga Asanas are:

1. Viparati Karani

This asana is beneficial to stimulate the nervous system. By performing this asana people feel less anxiety or feel relaxed. This improve the flow of blood circulation by calming nervous system.

How to Perform

  • Lie flat on floor with back and butt joining the wall panel (You can also use cushion or hand under neck and back for support)
  • Scale wall with feet and rest them against it.
  • Keep your hand stretching and palm facing upwards.
  • Bend toes toward the body and put pressure on hamstring.
  • Perform this for 5 minutes daily.
  • Take and release breath during activity.

2. Uttanasana

This is another asana to improve the mental health by relieving from anxiety and improving flow of oxygen enriched blood as head is below the heart.

How to Perform

  • Firstly stand straight
  • Keep your hands on hips and inhale.
  • Extend hands out above you and bend your torso forward while exhaling.
  • Bend and keep your hands touching the ground next to feet.
  • If this is difficult rest your hands on ankle.
  • Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds.

Note: While performing Uttaansana keep your legs straight.

3. Shavasana

This pose is usually performed at the end of meditations. This relax your mind and calm your body klayar pacitan.

How to Perform

  • Lie flat on the floor
  • Place your hands aside to your body and palms facing upwards
  • Close your eyes and rest for 5-10 minutes in same position.

Inhale and exhale efficiently during activity.