Effective Diet Plan to stay Healthy and Fit

Effective Diet Plan to stay Healthy and Fit

Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit but today’s lifestyle does not allow this and people suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, heart problems, etc.

There are many reasons why people suffer from all these problems like sleeping late, junk food, advances in technology and the reduction of healthy food and overeating of high calorie foods.

In order to stay healthy and fit in this article I will explain how humans can be healthy by implementing Jasa SEO Bergaransi.

let’s start discussing diet plan:

  1. First drink plenty of water minimum 8 liter per day is great. But it is very effective if person drinks lukewarm water in morning first, drinking lukewarm water reduces extra fat.

For this add one tablespoon lemon water and one tbsp honey in lukewarm water is very helpful to reduce fat and also reduces chances of acidity.

You can also drink water before when you start to eat high calories food like oily items, junk food, chips etc.

  1. It is better to eat after interval of 4 hours.Some people start dieting and do not eat full day but it is better to eat after some times and consumes low calories food rather than eating full day because after full day diet you will feel powerless.
  2. Include proteins in every meal because proteins help in burning fats and preserve muscle mass and keeps you full on whole day.

So it will be better to include protein related items like white eggs, fruits, seafood, cheese, nuts in your meal.

  1. Many people think cutting breakfast will help in loosing weight. Instead of loosing weight you will gain because after skipping breakfast you will eat too much in lunch.

Research shows that in many cases after cut in breakfast some people will feel hunger later that’s why u will be down full day.

  1. It is better to take enough sleep because during sleep your body produces the appetite stimulating hormone that helps you in loosing weight.

So after enough sleep you will feel rested and and keeps you stay away from overeat.

  1. If one prefer to eat more fruits and vegetables there are more chances to reduce fat early and less chance to gain weight because fruits and vegetables are enriched in nutrients.

So one feels hunger less and keeps you full everyday.

  1. Say no to alcohol because alcohol contains high calories that our body does not require.

A five ounce glass of wine has 125 and a bottle of beer about 153. This high range of calories will increase fat.

  1. Include fibers in diet can be a better substitute of weight loss because fiber helps in digestion and decrease cholesterol level.

Fiber examples are nuts, whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables etc.