Is Summer Affecting Your Skin? Here are Some Tips

Is Summer Affecting Your Skin? Here are Some Tips

Summer affects skin or face also. In summer you have to follow our skin care tips to get clear and glowing skin.

Summer with humidity and heat can increase the activity of skin glands (sebaceous glands). This makes oily skin more oily and dry skin more patchy and rough.

The high intensity of sun’s rays causes tanning- by producing more melanin pigments. More melanin pigments means more darker skin.

The heat can cause pores to open more, which in turn causes acne, pimples because dirt is accumulated in them.

In this article we will discuss some easy skin care tips how to get clear and glowing skin during this summer.

1. Keep Hydrated and Re-hydrated

Water makes your skin clear and brighter. In summer if you are out from home keep hydrated yourself otherwise acne or pimple can pop in. Try to drink 2-3 liters of water in a day. Water is very important to detoxify your body through urination and sweating.

2. Use Less Make-Up Products

Summer means that you should allow skin to breathe better with less makeup. Humidity and heat suppresses the skin’s ability to breathe out properly. Use minimal products such as moisturizer, sunscreen, lipbalm and kajal (optional use if you apply) on skin in summer to give it some rest.

3. Change Moisturizer

In summer you have to switch from shea butter and heavy moisturizer to light moisturizer creams. In summer always remember that skin doesn’t need any kind of moisturizer.

4. Change your Face wash

When you move from summer to winter, you have to change your face wash according to season. In winter use nourishing face wash as body needs nourishment. In summer use face-wash which removes excess oil from face.

Wash your face 4-5 times in a day to keep your skin fresh and clean.

5. Keep your Face Hydrated

Remember that in summer face needs moisturizer and hydration both. Invest in a good hydrating mask that you can use couple of times per week. Wash your face and apply mask on face as directed to soothe, repair and re-hydrate your skin.

6. Don’t forget Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be your best friend in summer. Wear one that has high ultraviolet spectrum (SPF between 30-40 and covers UVA and UVB rays). Reapply it if you are out in sun and apply over neck, hand, feet also.

7. Exfoliate your Skin

Exfoliate removes dead skin debris to prevent congestion and to improve hydration from toners and moisturizers.

You can exfoliate your skin with kitchen ingredients such as coffee grounds mixed with oil and sea salt. Don’t over exfoliate otherwise skin will get rashes. You should be gentle while exfoliating your skin. Use prior in the morning before makeup, it will keep makeup last longer finansial.

8. Apply Natural Products on Face

Exclusive skin care products do well for your skin. But it is good to remember that your kitchen might be storehouse for moisturizers, cleansers, toners for your skin. You will find that oatmeal, sea salt, coffee ground can be used to skin care in summer.